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Anna Karenina 2013 Tv Series

after all the promotion, the acclaim, and all the viewing attention, the final moments of the film left me a little cold, and i wish that it had gone on longer. still, i was satisfied with the ending and the way that the movie was brought to me.

wright was really able to capture the rolling character of the novel. the first third of the film was especially wonderful, and the last third was terrific as well. although i expected better from anna karenina as a whole, it was still rather splendid.

film title: anna karenina (2013) director: joe wright cast: keira knightly, jude law, matthew macfadyen, downton abbey’s hugh bonneville, anna karenina and vronsky are drawn from the unforgettable novel written by leo tolstoys.

plot: anna (keira knightley) and count alexey karenin (jude law) meet, fall in love and are married. but she feels left out by her new rich lifestyle and her new lover, vronsky (matthew macfadyen), who does not care about her. finally, she learns of her husband’s infidelities; when she attempts suicide, vronsky finds her in time. he and anna decide to end their marriage.

olivier is anglophile, his english upbringing recalls shakespeare, he is given to lengthy and ponderous speech. i cant tell you how few actors have really absorbed shakespeare in this way. hugh laurie in the hobbit, alan rickman in mr. turner, ian mckellan in richard iii and keanu reeves in conviction, but i have seen none of them play shakespeare better.

anna stops them that very day. she felt she needed time to recover from the shock and get a grip on her emotions. she was far too happy, and far too vulnerable. she was barely out of the jaws of death, and levin was almost the first person to believe that she was still herself. only kitty will understand and forgive, he has to believe, and nothing he has ever said or done has been able to keep her from him. the last conversation between anna and levin was about their marriage and how they want to arrange it. anna wants to be a mother, levin wants to take care of his wife, but he wants her to have the freedom to come and go as she pleases. they both want to be happy, and they both love each other.
we can usually identify the differences between film and stage by how they handle heavy action. in stage, we are often bombarded with plot-heavy dialogue and actions that are much more realistic and less theatrical. in movies, we are usually subjected to more stylized, slower movements. the filming of karenin, much like the book, will be much less plot-heavy, and much more stylized, slow, and dramatic.
interestingly enough, the first major shift, when we get into the big railway station, is that it is a more realistic setting, with people milling about. it’s also a much closer, and more accurate match to the stage play. much of the conversation comes back to reality, which isn’t really appropriate for a stage play.
it’s a period piece and it’s set in 19th-century russia. the people wear far less clothing than we are used to seeing in a modern setting. this allows for a very casual atmosphere when the couples talks.

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