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Play as a mysterious creature in the immersive world of Roblox. Unravel a strange and captivating story through a living, digital world, full of imagination and endless possibilities.
Write Your Story:
Create your own game, explore uncharted territories, and share your adventures with the world.
Explore the Massive World:
As a player, you’ll embark on an epic story full of discovery, fun, and friendship. As a Creator, you’ll have a world of tools, experiences, and services at your fingertips. The possibilities are endless.

Gameplay Elements:
Roblox introduces 4 gameplay modes to make every play time unique and exciting.
** Play Land: No matter what mode, the primary gameplay in Roblox involves exploring and navigating a massive sandbox world. You can create a Roblox avatar, play with friends, meet other people, and explore the world. You can also customize your avatar with costumes and accessories. If you want to get into the role-playing game realm, you can also download and play free online games, or you can create your own story.
** Create & Play: A sandbox game, Roblox gives you the freedom to create anything. You can easily build a game by using programming tools and game elements. Then you can play your game with thousands of people from around the world.
** Choose Your Roblox: Regardless of the game mode, you can easily navigate your world and explore new environments by creating your own transportation. You can teleport from one world to another, fly through the sky, or hover over water. You can even drive a car, motorcycle, truck, hoverboard, and much more.
** Dash: A splash game where you get to explore and navigate a massive world while running from enemies.

What sets Roblox apart from the other multiplayer free online games is its unique social connections. Many games are either text-only or require equipment such as headsets, which limits players to interacting only with others present in the same physical location. In Roblox, players can go anywhere in the game world, within their physical limits. Players can visit friends’ houses, create and share their own homepages, post stories, play mini-games, listen to music, and play/work together on creative projects.
Players can build a network of friends with whom to communicate, connect, and share, or stay private, by choosing to remain anonymous or select friends from the public or private list.


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10 Cheat Codes for Roblox

Scroll down for the list!

10 Cheat Codes for Roblox

1. Fly around levels

Flyers are an awesome thing. You can fly around or even in some levels on Roblox. This is called being in free-fall. With cheat codes, you can fly around Roblox and get into things that you could not get into before. If you want a cheat code to fly, use the “Fly” cheat at the menu of a Robot you can build. When the cheat option is enabled, the red “Finished” label will disappear. You can click it again to start playing.

2. Fly higher or lower

Fly-by code. Use this cheat at the menu of a Robot you can build. Press up and hold the up-arrow button when the cheat code is enabled. Keep holding the button when in-game and keep pressing it once every 0.1 seconds. This will make the robot speed up a bit. You can use this code when in Free-fall.

3. Walk faster

Walk faster. Use this code at the menu of a Robot you can build. Press up and hold the up-arrow button while an obstacle is in front of you. Then, press the button until the obstacle disappears. With this code enabled, the robot will move much faster in any direction.

4. Jump higher and lower

Jump higher and lower. Use this code at the menu of a Robot you can build. Press up and hold the up-arrow button while a free-fall obstacle is in front of you. Then, press the button until the obstacle disappears. This will allow you to jump higher or lower.

5. Catch a ball

Throw a ball. Press, hold and release the up-arrow button. This will enable the robot to throw a ball at the green “Play” box. Remember that you can only throw the ball at the green “Play” box.

6. Fly through walls and others

Fly through walls. Press, hold and release the up-arrow button. This will enable the robot to fly through other obstacles. This code should be used only if you are sure that your robot is able to destroy objects.

7. Watch a video

Enter a video. Use this cheat code at the menu of a Robot you can build. Press, hold and


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