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you can scan and edit multiple images simultaneously or run a different file type in a single scanning session. using the full dynamic range of your scanner, you can capture high-dynamic-range images with high dynamic range, or hdr, and then reduce them to either regular or extended dynamic range. it is also possible to edit the extended dynamic range images. you can also scan a lot of images at once with silverfast hdr studio. the software runs smoothly on all types of machines. with silverfast hdr studio, you can take advantage of a wide range of scanner software, including umax scanners, to scan photos, documents, and other images.

with silverfast hdr studio, you can easily create multiple hdr images from a single scan, saving you the time and hassle of scanning each image individually. you can also automatically merge multiple images into one. you can adjust all the parameters of a single image with the preview, or you can adjust them all at once for all the images in a folder. multiple settings can be saved and applied to all the images in a folder.

you can use the raw file option to save the file to disk without throwing away any scan information and reopen it to tweak the image and resave it later as a tiff or jpg. the raw file option also allows you to use the program with scanners that do not support the silverfast software.

in addition, there are multiple scanners to filter out the images to make them realistic. all raw data formats, 64bit and 48bit, are scannable. silverfast hdr studio free download provides an opportunity to scan and edit multiple images simultaneously. enjoy an opportunity to work in a flow. there is starting-to-end documentation that paves the way for the novices to get ahead nicely. furthermore, perform calibration by using scanners within a couple of moments.

silverfast studio is an advanced imaging software that allows you to scan and manage your images with very high quality. it is a professional tool that combines scanning, editing and organizing. it supports both the document and photo formats, and it also offers additional features such as watermark, text, and even conversion to the desired format. you can use the built-in high quality jpeg and tiff scanning to create high-quality images that look perfect in all digital devices. the bundled software is compatible with the most popular operating systems, including mac and windows. most important feature of the software is the built-in scanning workflow that supports both single and multiple documents scanning. silverfast studio is also a multi-tasking application, so you can scan, edit and organize multiple files at the same time. the features and functions of the software that you can use are listed below: • scans and saves the images in high quality formats: jpeg, tiff and tif. it also supports the raw image format. • supports all popular and standard document and photo formats: jpeg, tiff and tif, psd, and pdf. • supports the multi-layer images. it allows you to easily combine single or multiple images into a single one. you can use the built-in features to adjust the brightness, contrast and hue. • allows you to adjust the document size, and select the image crop. you can also use this feature to distort the size of the image. • you can add text and logos to the document or photo.
single-page high-quality scanning with silverfast ai is now as easy as possible. save time with the automatic settings for copying or scanning and generate high-quality prints or scans without using any additional software. optimize the printing process step-by-step using powerful printing functions in less than a minute. unique user interface silverfast ai gives you an intuitive and complete overview of each step of the scanning or printing processes.

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