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Steel Network Inventory is a Web application and network inventory software for working with hosts, services, software, etc., on a local area network. It can scan the local area network and detect all connected devices.
A network inventory program like Steel Network Inventory can be used for day-to-day tasks such as daily network inventory and software inventory, making the process easy. The software is very intuitive and simple to use.
Hosts can be listed for use or for updates using a default list and a list can be created. All the hosts and software running on the network are scanned and detected and reports can be created.
Inventory reports can be created in HTML or XML format and the CSV and XLS report formats are available. The text and HTML reports can be downloaded from the server and the XML and CSV reports can be saved to a text file.

NavisWorks is a solid PC repair software developed by Avira, and it can be used with all Windows operating systems, including Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. You can also use it to fix all the essential components of your PC, including the operating system, Internet Explorer, browsers and Flash Player, or just update the existing file system and registry to run a more stable computer. With a free trial, you can unlock unlimited features and get automatic updates of your system during the evaluation. With this software, you will not get stuck with ads or have to download unnecessary application components.
The software is easy to use. NavisWorks will scan your computer and pull up the problems it finds to your preferred language in order to show you where to look for the symptoms of your PC. You have the option to either run a scan immediately or schedule the scan to occur at a later time.
If you like, you can customize your computer using the online configuration tool to have automatic updates for Windows, programs, browsers, Internet Explorer, Internet connections, DVD drives and more. For security reasons, the configuration is protected with your Windows login name and password so that it can only be accessed by you.
Using NavisWorks, you can clean your hard disk, perform a factory reset, install a new system drive, format a disk and a drive or partition, fix your files, restore your registry, reinstall the operating system or just scan and fix the basic components of your PC.
You can also repair your computer by using its navigation tool. The program can identify your equipment in your computer, detect any problems it may be having and then

Steel Network Inventory Crack+

Take a snapshot of computer and turn it into business intelligence tool to keep track of systems and software changes. With the help of the program, all systems on your network can be listed, and can be either downloaded as a report or exported to file.
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Monday, 15 August 2012

Monday, 15 August 2012

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Monday, 15 August 2012

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Steel Network Inventory Crack + Free

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Since most businesses rely on an internal network where all work computers are connected, it’s mandatory to keep good track of devices and software components. Needless to say that it’s all done easier with the help of specialized computer applications such as Steel Network Inventory, which scans your network, performs snapshot checks and a lot more management tools.
Scan your network for connected devices
After a successful deployment, the application can be set to scan your local network in order to enlist all connected devices. This can be configured, with the possibility to set IP range to look up devices or load list from a file.
The tool is best used by a network administrator, with proper authentication being required so that info can be gathered. Once the side panel enlists items connected to your network, you can start selecting targets to audit. The application is capable of gathering thorough data regarding both hardware and software components, providing a clever overview of both sections.
Stay up to date with latest system changes
What’s more, an option enables you to take a system snapshot with configurations, with the possibility to configure an alert system to notify you either visually or via mail when changes are made. In addition, processes and services are also targeted and enlisted, but cannot be managed.
Furthermore, depending on the type of business you’re running or applications you use, limitations can be imposed for the number o licenses one can use on a computer. This comes in handy as a security method so that only authorized personnel and tools are used.
Issue reports and export to file
Even though no strict action can be taken with the help of the application in the sense that it is not a remote utility, you can gather thorough data. Reports can be created for nearly all categories like listed or all hosts, software components, as well as hotfixes. Export options let you get details under HTM, XLS or CSV formats.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Steel Network Inventory is a handy application when it comes to keeping an eye on devices that share a network. Snapshot comparison in combination with the alert system make the process automated so you stay updated with latest software and hardware changes.
Steel Network Inventory Download Screenshot:

What’s New in the Steel Network Inventory?

Scan your network for connected devices.
Stay up to date with latest system changes.
Issue reports and export to file.
Create hotfix report.
Take system snapshot.
Comprehensive overview with numerous options.
What is it?
Network Inventory Software, powerfull
Platform: Any OS
Operating system: Any
License: Freeware

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Minimum: Recommended:

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