Vag Com Vcds 812.4crack [UPD]

Vag Com Vcds 812.4crack [UPD]

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Vag Com Vcds 812.4crack

There is no limit to the number of computer systems which VCDS-Lite may read or control. However, it is not permitted to share or to distribute the Software unaltered or in part or as a standalone program on more than one computer systems or internet sites. The program may only be used in conjunction with a Dongle interface.

Support VCDS V20.12 with the KEY-, HEX-, and HEX V2- Interface Dongle. Features VCDS-Lite support Bluetooth, USB V2.0, Win2000/2002/2003, WinXP, Vista, MacOSX,Linux, Unix, Smartphone and Tablet Dongle interface through key, hex, HEX or vcds v2 only. Support VCDS serial interface V1.1, V1.3, V1.5, V1.9,V2.1, V2.2, V2.3, V2.4, V2.5, V2.6, V2.7, V2.9, V3.0, V3.3, V3.4, V3.5, V3.6, V3.7, V3.8, V3.10, V3.12, V3.13, V3.14, V3.15, V3.16, V3.17, V3.18, V3.19, V3.20, V3.21, V3.22, V3.23, V3.24, V3.25, V3.26, V3.27, V3.28, V3.29, V3.30, V3.31, V3.32, V3.33, V3.34, V3.35, V3.36, V3.37, V3.38, V3.39, V3.40, V3.41, V3.42, V3.43, V3.44, V3.45, V3.46, V3.47, V3.48, V3.49, V3.50, V3.51, V3.52, V3.53, V3.54, V3.55, V3.56, V3.57, V3.58, V3.59, V3.60, V3.61, V3.62, V3.63, V3.64, V3.65, V3.66, V3.67, V3.68, V3.69, V3.70, V3.71, V3.72, V3.73, V3.74, V3.75, V3.76, V3.77, V3.78, V3.79, V3.80, V3.81, V3.82, V3.83, V3.84, V3.85, V3.86, V3.87, V3.88, V3.89, V3.90, V3.91, V3.92, V3.93, V3.94, V3.95, V3.96, V3.97, V3.98, V3.99, V4.00, V4.01, V4.02, V4.03, V4.04, V4.05, V4.06, V4.07, V4.08, V4.09, V4.10, V4.11, V4.12, V4.13, V4.14, V4.15, V4.16, V4.17, V4.18, V4.19, V4.20, V4.21, V4.22, V4.23, V4.24, V4.25, V4.26, V4.

VCDS-Lite v.1.2 (Registered& Activated) FULLVCDS-Lite is a Windows-based Diagnostic tool for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda for non-dongle interfaces. With VCDS-Lite you can do an automatic scan of all controllers for Fault Codes. Also, you can select an individual Control Module such as Engine, ABS or Airbag.Works with simple K-Line/KL line/KKL-Line/VAG-COM 311/VAG-COM 409 interfaces (ISO 9141-2 protocol)Compatible withMega.NZ Links Single Extraction Real Screen ShotsPassword: auto-epc.orgAttached FilesVCDS lite v.1.2 (Registered & Activated) FULL.txtFile Type:Downloaded:24 timesSize:537 bytesreadme.txtFile Type:Downloaded:21 timesSize:290 bytes.


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