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Naval Action is a game of naval battles in early american and also late 18th century. You can play as Royal Navy, Continental Navy, American Navy, Barbary States, French Army or even pirates. You can attack other players ships or be attacked by the same. You can build your own ship to fight with and a lot of other stuff.You can join multiplayer or play single player mode.It takes a lot of strategy in building your own fleet and conquering the seas.
– Ammo and Firepower:
All guns have common stats, like damage and rate of fire. But how they do it, is totally different. Some rarer guns will shoot faster than regular guns. Also, some guns can fire very heavy rounds of ammunition, for example around 18 caliber 14 pounder gun can fire 24lb shot, but also shot can be 20lb or more. They all have their tradeoffs.
To upgrade your guns just use your resources and man your ship.
– Ship Design and Deck
Ships are built with wooden planking and wooden frame. They need wooden planking to be stored, and wood frame to build and repair them. These resources are bought from the seller for a price. You can use three different wood types for this. Wood for hull is very cheap, wood for frame is a bit more expensive and wood for planking is the most expensive. Ships also have upper deck. The same as for hull there are frames for the deck that give the ship’s strength. You can see these numbers on your shipyard and can be increased as long as you have the required resources.
– Your Shipyard and Base
You start building your own ship on your shipyard. Once you dock at a port you can build cannons and other ships there. Also you can upgrade your shipyard.
You can also expand your base to build more building’s. If you leave your base (You will notice your base has a small cannon mounted near it, to defend your shipyard) your base will be destroyed. If you lose a ship at sea you can gather wood and repair it at any port.
– Laying Down the Battle
Before the fight you need to gather all the resources. You have two resources, the Wood (for ships), and Ammo and Firepower (for guns). You can get these on the market or from your own ships. Most ships will have resources. When you dock at a port you have to spend the needed for the ship’s upgrades, then hire crew for


Wrought Flesh Features Key:

  • Action Game show you real life PVP and PoG in battle
  • Real time strategy (game play)
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Simple but enjoyable online user experience
  • Best of all, our game is completely free to play!

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    Tue, 04 Jul 2015 13:34:53 GMT days ago100Works in progress guys

    would like to ask the community to try making a few maps. here are some screenshots that got me thinking of what would be a good direction. there are no rules besides being quality, small, and not being a duplicate of a map somewhere else. the maps have to be map splits as they would all be map splits of


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    The latest chapter in the hit indie horror series, Kageroh: Shadow Corridor has been rebuilt from the ground up from the original engine to better suit the modern era.
    Introducing new characters, new areas to explore, new gameplay mechanics and story/content that have never been seen before in the series!
    Kageroh: Shadow Corridor is a Horror Survival Adventure game that features light combat and puzzles, all set against the backdrop of a dark, Japanese horror story.
    There are no stupid puzzles, there are just puzzles!
    You are confronted by a series of challenges in this unique, randomly generated “Maze” type game, where you must use your brain to escape the deadly halls of the Kageroh Institute.
    No coffee breaks in the workplace!
    Your life depends on it!
    Planned for Windows PC

    Show More or drugs are abused are largely unclear. However, the findings of the present study did not identify a significant risk factor for ADEs following admission in patients receiving zolpidem compared with the other hypnotic agents. We hypothesize that the reason for the same might be the availability of alternative evidence-based medications (e.g., TCA, NSAID) as treatment options in patients receiving these anti-anxiety or anti-insomnia medications. This notion was supported by the fact that the prevalence of the co-administration of sedative-hypnotic medications with other drugs was significantly higher in patients who experienced ADEs. Our results indicated that further clinical study regarding the appropriate dosing and the length of administration of hypnotic medications is required. However, the limitations of our study were (1) the small number of patients who had experienced ADEs, and (2) this was a retrospective observational study from a single institution. We cannot deny the possibility that our results were biased by the limitations of this study. Future studies investigating the patient characteristics that increase the risk of ADEs following admission in patients receiving or not receiving zolpidem are warranted.

    Abbreviations: ADEs = adverse drug events, aOR = adjusted odds ratio, CI = confidence interval, CPR = cardiopulmonary resuscitation, NSAID = non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, TCAs = tricyclic antidepressants, TCA = tricyclic antidepressants.

    This work was supported by a fund from the Gachon University Gil Medical Center in 2018 (grant number: 2018-0254).

    The authors have no


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    This item pack is pretty much just an update to the content of “A Game of Dwarves”, the previous game of mine that featured Kickstarter funding.
    The mod is compatible with any version of Game “A Game of Dwarves: Star Dwarves” that is up to version

    Overview of Game “A Game of Dwarves: Star Dwarves” Gameplay

    – A lot has happened to the Dwarves over the course of history.

    – The Dwarves sent the last of their people to another world.

    – Due to the Space Age, a lot of new tech was developed by the Space Dwarves that was never used by the Earth Dwarves.

    – The Space Dwarves were interested in taking over the newly discovered world of the Homo Sapiens.

    – The Dwarves of Earth had to send their children to that world in hopes that they would survive.

    – Space Dwarves were fascinated by the technology created by the people on Earth.

    – What happened on Earth was captured by Space Dwarves with the help of the Space Probes that they had sent ahead to see what they could find.

    – In the process of capturing Earth the Space Dwarves were forced to kill most of the people on the planet.

    – Even though there were very few survivors, they kept much of Earth’s technology.

    – The Space Dwarves deployed their technology and enslaved the survivors on the world they had conquered.

    – Now these Space Dwarves lead a new life in the stars.

    – Human technology has only been used for personal protection and mining.

    – The only other technology they use is their culture which is a hybrid of human and Dwarf technology.

    – Humans and Dwarves alike were learning from each other but mostly from the Humans as the Dwarves were still learning of many things.

    – That is until the Magic War.

    – The Magic War was a war fought by the Dwarves and the Elves for no particular reason.

    – The Dwarves and the Elves were locked in a stalemate and the Elves were slowly losing.

    – The Dwarves barely survived the war.

    – Now they have been colonized by another race of creatures called the Theranians that they call the Terrons.

    – It has been their way of life for generations.

    – The Terrons do a lot of things to the Dwarves that are


    What’s new:


    deluxe zine








    Who We Are

    Creature Clicker invites you to explore our club and explore how we might be of assistance to others. We’re hoping to create a space where people can get together on their own terms. You can also recommend your own rare or super-rare hippo (or horned animal, etc) to add to the coolest creature we’ve ever encountered.

    We thrive on introducing everyone to something they’ve never experienced before. One of our traditions is ‘Bring food!’ which means send us/Twitter/Facebook/Whatever you’d like to bring on an empty stomach. We’ll add it to the fridge and buy you some food or at the very least, a drink. Only open to those at least 18 years of age as per our Business License for Independent Book Publishing. We are completely voluntary. No drugs are allowed. We have a stringent ‘No Vote’ policy. The general vibe is energized by guests. As much as we’d like to, there are no rules. Only like-minded humans.

    That’s right, we can all be like-minded in that our species, Homo sapiens is one species within our own realm of Planet Earth. We are not a nation, a friend group, or a sub-culture. We are a species. We rely on one another’s generosity and solidarity as a species.

    True, other species play games but no real damage can be sustained by one of us in the habitat of Planet Earth. We are the worst case scenario when we try our hardest to destroy our habitat. We’ll always get what we deserve. We are alcoholics and addicts, a menace, and a vulture. We ask for help when we can’t fend for ourselves. We also ask for it when it’s appropriate. We say this around 2AM on Christmas Day. We have zero hope of the most horrendous holiday we are surrounded by being a happy event but we sing holiday songs and share smiles like kids.

    We ask for help when we’re dying. Sometimes, we think we’re dying. We ask for help every time we make what appears to be a bad decision. We ask for help when we realize what we’ve


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    In this high-flying adventure you’ll be able to experience the very same feeling of riding the legendary beast.
    Saddle the mythical Fire-Breathing Dragons and fly to the heart of legends!
    Do you believe that dragons exist?
    Witness the very same feeling that you will get as the legendary creatures take off the ground.Feel the wing beat of the mighty dragons and experience the miracle of flight.
    Would you like to touch the legend?
    Experience this enchanting world of dragons. Fly your winged steed!
    Watch the ravenous dragons devour the food that you would have never been able to catch.
    About the author:
    The musical composer Oliver Smits is co-founder of WINGS OF LEGENDS, and he has worked on this first person driving adventure, which he helped develop with his own childhood dreams as a games developer.
    He draws his inspiration from myths and legends, from life in the depths of a castle tower, and from the adventures of a child. He is a free thinker, with a restless imagination, who tells stories to delight his family.
    WINGS OF LEGENDS is a 3D, open world adventure with non-linear gameplay. The title takes place on a medieval fantasy world with an ancient and mystical forest, a raging river, an ocean, a massive castle, other fantastical and dangerous locations, and two moons.


    Wings of Legends – Is It Worth the Money?

    Wings of Legends is a life-like motorcycle game set in an amazing world. You, the player, are a young, aspiring rider who loves motorcycles. As such, you are after a freedom of speech. You do as you wish – and discover the world.

    All reviews from Steam and other platforms can be found here.Visit store page for more details.

    Wings of Legends – Is It Worth the Money?

    Wings of Legends is a life-like motorcycle game set in an amazing world. You, the player, are a young, aspiring rider who loves motorcycles. As such, you are after a freedom of speech. You do as you wish – and discover the world.Q:

    How do I troubleshoot this data binding issue with MVC2 and Razor?

    I have the following problem which I’m a little surprised hasn’t been solved yet on SO. I can’t work out the cause of an issue that occurs when I load a page with a heavily templ


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    Battle Balls GamePlay

    Game Battle Balls Features

    Lucky for you, thanks to the network of users who help to keep the game, the game will come in a very simple feature. Cool.

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    Game Battle Balls Setup

    Game Battle Balls Guide

    as a result of the very new, the cyber components channel TeamVIP, the free version is so new. They are glad you can surely get hold of one of the most important training computer game for the Android os once you’re to your Android os party now.

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    Game Battle Balls Interface

    Game Battle Balls Tips

    You may already as well be familiar with the basics of motorcyle driving but that doesn’t ensure that you get the possibilities to love the rear-end’s appearance involved in driving there inside of a fast motorcycle as well as with the dimension of that high-time you enjoy facing the condition. Regardless of this kind of fact, that craft has been recently released meant for the Android System and this makes it in a method that is all new.

    • 1.
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    • 4.
    • 5.



    System Requirements For Wrought Flesh:

    Dual Core processor or equivalent
    2 GB RAM
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    HDD space: 2 GB
    About This Game
    Star Fox 2 has a dual cockpit layout that allows you to play as Fox or Arwing with the F-Zero style gameplay found in Star Fox 64!
    You are Fox McCloud, the greatest pilot in the galaxy. As a young man, you were chosen to join the intergalactic space patrol, the greatest starfighter squadron in the universe. Led by the wise





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